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In today's digital age, having access to live streams of sports events has become increasingly important for fans around the world. TotalSportek is here to meet that demand, providing a one-stop shop for free live-streaming links of every major sport and event. 

What Games Can You Stream Online on TotalSportek?

You can view all the major football leagues across Europe, Formula 1 races, UFC and Boxing matches, Cricket and Rugby matches, and major American sports leagues such as NFL, NHL, and NBA, with the help of live streaming links available on TotalSportek.

Some of our website's most popular Tournaments and leagues are as follows: 

European Football Leagues

Soccer, more commonly known as football, is one of the most popular games in Europe. This popular game has many famous leagues around the world. UEFA Champions League, Serie A, Ligue 1, La Liga, and Bundesliga are some of the world's most popular Europe-based National Football Leagues.

All these leagues are at the top of their respective country's professional football pyramid. These league seasons generally start around the month of August and end in May, with a postseason playoff to follow to determine the champion of the season.

European Leagues - Wikipedia

Follow the various leagues' schedules on our website to know when your favorite team is playing.

National Football League

NFL, also known as National Football League, is the most popular and profitable professional sports league in the United States of America. National Football League is a professional American football league. 

Thirty-two teams play in the NFL, of which sixteen are from the American Football Conference (AFC), and the remaining sixteen are from the National Football Conference (NFC). Follow all the season matches and the post-season playoff on TotalSportek.

National Hockey League

NHL, also known as National Hockey League, is one of the four most popular and profitable professional sports leagues in the United States of America and Canada. National Hockey League is a professional ice hockey league. 

National Hockey League - Wikipedia

A total of thirty-two teams play in the NHL; of which twenty-five are based in the United States of America, and the remaining seven are based in Canada. The NHL league and its competing sports clubs have a century-long history. Catch your favorite team in action on TotalSportek.

National Basketbaal Asociation

National Basketball Association (NBA) is one of the four famous and profitable sports leagues in the United States Of America. As the name suggests, it is the top basketball league in the USA. It consists of thirty teams; twenty-nine are based in the United States and one in Canada. Keep up with the match schedules of the team you support and live stream them on our website.

The NBA Bubble Was a Success Because It Failed | WIRED

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The TotalSportek Platform

TotalSportek is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. The concept of the website is simple, with a portal for streamers to post their links for any upcoming match. All the links for a particular match or game are then gathered and ranked in the corresponding match thread, which contains around 100+ working links. This makes it easier for users to quickly find the links they're looking for.

Why Watch Live Streams on TotalSportek?

Since the ban on Reddit's famous /r/soccerstreams sub, people have been looking for a similar alternative. TotalSportek fills this void with links being posted by the same top streamers. The website also has a ranking system that ensures easy and fast access to the best-performing live stream links for any major sports competition.

Simple and User-Friendly Site Structure

The home page of TotalSportek is your gateway to these live-streaming links. When you visit, you'll find a portal listing upcoming matches according to kickoff times. Leagues separate matches, and if you want to watch a different sport, you click on the respective sports icon in the portal.

Fast and Ad-Free Streaming

TotalSportek is designed with speed in mind, with every page being cached to ensure lightning-fast page loading times. Additionally, you will find zero ads on the site until they are truly needed.

How to watch live streams on TotalSportek? 

Visit our homepage

Let's assume you want to see a soccer match in La Liga. You will find streaming links to upcoming matches in the soccer streams portal. Different leagues and competitions separate them. Search the page for the section mentioning La Liga. 

Once you find the match you want to see, click the link next to it. It will take you to the dedicated streaming page for that particular match. The streaming page lists all the online streaming links available for the match and is ranked according to their performance. These links are activated an hour before the match is scheduled to start. 

So, once you're on the homepage, it only takes 1 click to reach the links thread of the match you want to see.


It isn't easy to see every game played by any professional sports team, as broadcast rights are sold to different broadcasters for different leagues and tournaments. 

This is especially true in the case of many major football leagues across Europe, NBA, NFL, and NHL. With its broadcasting rights split between multiple platforms in different countries, it can sometimes become a little difficult to navigate.

But in today’s technology-driven world, watching games online is simple and easier. 

One of the best online streaming platforms is our website, TotalSportek. You can easily watch live games from anywhere in the world in HD quality and free of cost. TotalSportek is the ultimate platform for live sports streaming, providing fans with easy access to live-streaming links for every major sport and event. 

You also don’t have to worry if you are in a different time zone or can’t watch the live game for some reason. You can catch up at a later time convenient for you.

There is no better way to stream sports online than TotalSportek. So without further ado, use the website to stream your favorite games at any time free of cost.