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The National Hockey League is a high-level professional organization for ice hockey in America. It has 32 teams, of which 25 belong to the United States and 7 to Canada.

NHL is the top-ranked league in the world for professional ice hockey games. The oldest professional trophy for sports is the Stanley Cup which is given to the ice hockey champion.

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History and Periods

The NHL was formed in 1917, and its first season was 1917 – 18. It became the successor of NHA and expanded soon after the 1920s.

The journey of the NHL saw various downward trends, like during the Great Depression and WWII. However, in the 1960s, ice hockey began gaining momentum, and the NHL started becoming popular.

Since then, it hasn't looked backward and keeps rising globally. Today ice hockey and NHL are not only major sports but also the most popular, watched, and valuable sports.

NHL and Women

Talking about women's participation in NHL, although it's not as much as men's, women have served in important positions in the league. The first female executive was Marguerite Norris, the club Detroit Red Wings president.

Another woman who played in the game was Manon Rheaume; she was the first woman to play as a goaltender in any North American sport in 1992.

She played for the Tampa Bay Lightning team and did very well. Again we saw direct women's participation in the NHL when in 2016, Dawn Braid was appointed as the skating coach for the Arizona Coyotes.

Apart from all these, women keep appearing and participating in NHL and never remain behind to show their skills and ability.


The National Hockey League is governed by an organizational body known as the Board of Governors. Under the prescribed structure, every team is a member of the NHL and elects a governor.

Also, teams appoint two alternates on the Board. At present, the Chairman of the Board of Governors is Jeremy Jacobs. He is also the owner of team Boston Bruins.

The major duty of the board is to abide by the constitution, form policies for the league, and implement the required changes for the league. Also, it can hire commissioners, approve salaries for hockey teams, and change the game schedule structure if needed.

Apart from the Board of Governors, there are also several executives, and the chief executive is Gary Bettman. 

Teams and Players

The NHL has 31 teams, of which 7 are from Canada, and 24 are from the United States. These teams are further divided into categories like Western and Eastern Conferences.

Some prominent teams include Toronto Maple Leafs, Chicago Blackhawks, New York Rangers, Montreal Canadiens, and Boston Bruins. These are also the wealthiest teams in the NHL.

All the teams have their general managers, head coaches, and captains. Some of them are Patrice Bergeron, Nick Suzuki, John Tavares, and Brady Tkachuk, to name a few others.


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