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Baseball is gaining momentum all across the world, and people eagerly wait to watch their favorite teams play. Although this sport made its presence known a long time ago, it is becoming popular only recently.

It can resemble cricket, but the fact is that it is completely different from its look-alike. It has its rules and regulations and game format.

If you are a baseball lover, then here are some important things about this game that you need to know.


Major League Baseball or more commonly known as MLB, is an American baseball professional organization and the earliest in its field. The growth of baseball in America can be first traced to the decade of 1860s when the civil war soldiers used to play this game in camps.

Soon after, it spread across the country and set foot on the path of becoming a national sport. The MLB seeds were sown in 1876 with the establishment of the National League.

woman in red jersey shirt and white shorts holding baseball bat

After its formation, another organization named American League existed in 1901. However, they emerged in the year 2000.

Consequently, the National League and American League were dissolved, and MLB became one single overall baseball league. There is a constitution according to which this baseball organization decides.

Since its adoption in 1876, it has evolved with time and accommodated several amendments.

Structure And Format

MLB currently has 30 equally divided teams between the American League and National League. Its current commissioner is Rob Manfred.

Like other sports, baseball also has a uniform for players, teams, coaches, and field managers. Firstly players have spring training, where they need to practice before the start of the game season.

Secondly, every team has played numerous games throughout the season. To be specific, they have to play 162 baseball matches every season.

Generally, there are three-game series; if there are any postponed games, then it is a five-game series. Each baseball team has to play one game at home and another at other places.

In this way, the entire season goes on, and one team wins the championship title in the final. The recent MLB champion was the Houston Astros, and the New York Yankees is the team that won the most titles.

Teams And Players

The MLB teams are divided into American League and National League, and both leagues have the below-mentioned teams,

In American League

  •       Boston Red Sox
  •       Chicago White Sox
  •       Tampa Bay Rays
  •       New York Yankees
  •       Houston Astros
  •       Texas Rangers

In National League

  •       Chicago Cubs
  •       Pittsburgh Pirates
  •       Cincinnati Reds
  •       Arizona Diamondbacks
  •       San Francisco Giants
  •       Los Angeles Dodgers

Unlike other sports, MLB baseball doesn't have female players. It banned women players from contract signing in 1952. However, this ban was lifted in 1992, and there are currently no female MLB players.

Some of the above-mentioned are very old and have had their dominance in the game since its establishment. While some teams are new and trying hard to make their place in the league. 


MLB is one of the major baseball and sports professional leagues in American land, including the United States and Canada. At the beginning of every season, baseball fans all over the world excitingly wait for live matches and updates.

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